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INSU National park of Ocean Bottom Seismometer

OBS fleet (Ocean Bottom Seismometer)

In July 18, 2000, the INSU organized a meeting "to start a reflexion on the viability of creating a park OBS (Ocean Bottom seismometer)"en cooperation with Ifremer and the IRD. The French scientific community expressed a real need for ocean bottom seismic instrumentation. The scientific objectives which justify the use of OBS include:
* The structure of the crust (seismic refraction, seismicity), that it is in context of dorsal, hot spots, oceanic plates, subduction zones or passive margin.

* The underlying structure of the mantle under the active zones (in particular dorsal and hot spots) and the dynamics of the earth's core.

* The seismic risk, with priority put on sites of the areas such as the Gulf of Corinth, Marmara Sea and the Antilles;

* The volcanic risk (the Antilles, Polynesia, Reunion Island).

* The study of the structure and the stability of gas hydrate formations.

Since then INSU (CNRS) financed the creation of this park providing 864 000 Euros, allowing the purchase of 28 OBS. This park will consist of twenty OBS short period LC2000 and eight wide spectra OBS. These instruments are modular and can be deployed for a maximum of one year. The first fleet of 20 OBS arrived in France on October 13, 2003. A mission to test and validate these instruments took place in February/March 2004. The instruments are available for the French scientific community as of March/April 2004.
The Institute of Physique of the Earth of Paris is in charge of these instruments.

For more information, please contact:

Satish Singh - Physicien - Tél. : +33 (0)1 83 95 76 58
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